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From $9.90

Max Weight Cap: 150lbs

Max Dimensions: 21'L * 21'W * 16'H

Suitable for: Documents,small parcels

Mini Van

From $25

Max Weight Cap: 350lbs (50lbs/box)

Max Dimensions: 80'L * 36'W * 36'H

Suitable for: Medium sized boxes

Subject to additional service charges

Cargo Van

From $35

Max Weight Cap: 1000lbs (70lbs/box)

Max Dimensions: 100'L * 50'W * 45'H

Suitable for: Big boxes,Furniture and small movings

Subject to additional service charges


Handling Charges $9.90

Fuel Surcharge

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ShipFlo offers local delivery and pickup services for everyone

We offer our customers a fixed rate of $9.90 per delivery within 5km radius. Beyond 5 km radius and multiple deliveries our dynamic pricing calculator will provide a quote before checkout. Once you accept the quote we will dispatch a courier to pick up.

If you are merchant, contact us here for partnership and better pricing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shipflo?
ShipFlo is an on-demand delivery service that allows everybody to request pickup and delivery of items through a convenient mobile app or website. Whether you need parcels, groceries or small moving, ShipFlo provides reliable and efficient delivery solutions tailored to your needs
How does Shipflo work?
Using ShipFlo is simple. Just visit our website, and input your pickup and delivery details. Our network of experienced couriers will then pick up your items and deliver them to their destination promptly and safely.
How can I track my delivery with ShipFlo?
Tracking your delivery with ShipFlo is easy. Once your delivery is confirmed, you will receive a tracking number and link via email or SMS. You can use this information to monitor the progress of your delivery in real-time through the ShipFlo app or website.
Can I schedule a delivery in advance with ShipFlo?
Yes, ShipFlo offers scheduled delivery options for your convenience. Simply specify your desired pickup and delivery times when placing your order, and our couriers will ensure that your items are delivered according to your schedule.
What safety measures does ShipFlo take during deliveries
ShipFlo prioritizes the safety and security of both our customers and couriers. We enforce strict safety protocols, including contactless delivery options, sanitization procedures, and background checks for all couriers
Can I ship dangerous or illegal goods using ShipFlo’s services?
ShipFlo only handles legal products in accordance with local, state, provincial, federal, or international laws, we reserve the right to contact authorities if necessary. ShipFlo does not handle dangerous goods, hazardous materials, firearms, or live animals. Here is a list of all the prohibited and restricted items.
Is ShipFlo available 24/7?
ShipFlo aims to provide convenient delivery options around the clock. While our availability may vary depending on location and demand, we strive to offer flexible scheduling to accommodate our customers’ needs whenever possible.
Does ShipFlo offer in-house delivery?
Our drivers facilitate curb-to-curb deliveries and are not authorized to enter customer residences.
Does ShipFlo accept cash for store pickups?
ShipFlo exclusively charges customers transparent delivery fees via their linked credit cards. Please ensure your purchases are paid for, and the product is prepared for pickup.
What if I have a problem with my ShipFlo delivery?
In the event of any issues with your ShipFlo delivery, including delays, damages, or missing items, please promptly reach out to our customer support team. Claim forms are accessible when completing a delivery order with ShipFlo.

Disclaimer : Here is a list of all the prohibited and restricted items.

Note: Please make sure your shipments are packed and sealed carefully. While we prioritize care, please note that Shipflo assumes no responsibility for spills, leakages and any other transit damage related to packing. Your understanding is appreciated.